Preparing for the Rapture

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I am surprised of how many people have got wind of the 21 May doomsday prediction lately. Over the past few weeks I have come across a few people who recently found out about it, whereas previously it has been something that very few people I know have heard of. I have already written on this subject. But this surge of interest in the lead up to 21 May has prompted me to mention it again.

Last week I was in a conversation about end time predictions. I mentioned the 21 May prediction and we discussed it a bit. Eventually the one person (whom I had just met), asked the rest of us that, if the world were to end on Saturday, what would we do before then. Suddenly I found myself without anything to say. The person who asked me was not a Christian and I was hesitant to say what I had recently been thinking about. What would I like to do before I die? A while back I would have said things like "get married" or "skydive" things in similar vein. But, if I had to choose, i would choose not to have to wait anymore: let death just come.

Of course I would still like to go skydiving one day and, while I have breath in my body, it will be something that I shall strife for. But if I have to weigh it up against just going home now and being with my Father, the decision is pretty easy. If you are hesitant about death because you are still seeking out pleasures here on earth, you are missing something big about God and being with Him.

In this sense I echo Paul's words to the Philippians:

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21

This does not mean that I have become suicidal. I recognise my life here on a earth is a blessing as well and an opportunity to live out God's will for my life. As such, I shall continue living and striving to do God's will. I shall enjoy the blessings and pleasures which come my way and endure the sufferings trials. But I shall also always know that my biggest reward is yet to come, and that not experiencing something here on earth won't be a compromise.

After we had all been questioned, the person who posed the question answered it herself. She said that she would "repent of all the bad things" that she had done. Of course it is necessary to be more than just confess and be sorry about your past transgressions. You have to lay them at the foot of the cross and turn to Jesus, accepting Him as Saviour and Lord over your life. And you would have to continue with your commitment, even if the world does not pass away on the 21st.

So if people toting the 21 May story are urging people to repent and turn to Jesus, what is the harm? The harm is that they are using lies (even if they themselves believe it) and being unbiblical (even if they believe that they are in fact being biblical). There is great deception going on, and that is not how you bring someone to Christ. You need to lead them with truth, honesty and transparency. Otherwise, you stand under judgement.