An Introduction to Molinism

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Natural, middle and free knowledge illustrated in relation to the divine creative decree
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Last year a friend of mine, together with some of her friends, started a group with the purpose of having theological discussions. The idea was to model it on L'Abri, where no questions or topics were off limits and honest, sincere discussions are encouraged. I have attended a number of these discussions and really enjoyed them so far and been encouraged by the fellowship and heartfelt discussions on difficult theological topics.

This evening I was privileged to have been able to present a topic. I chose Molinism, as this is not a topic which is very well known or understood. I had to provide much context and cram a lot of information into a small window of time. But the talk was well received and stimulated good discussion. I was humbled by the feedback and appreciated everyone's comments and feedback.

You can download the slide deck below: