Equip 2011

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I returned from Equip 2011 today. As always, it was a wonderful experience and difficult to leave such a peaceful place of fellowship, but we were encouraged to go into the world and fulfill our duty to preach the gospel in it.

Our speaker this year was Andrew Sach from St Helens in Bishop's Gate, London. He took us through the book of Exodus, showing us a bit of who God is and how we are to relate to Him. It was a great study and I got more out of it than I expected I would!

This year I was part of the group that learned how to work apply systematic theology to working out Bible studies. More on that can be found here.

The elective which I chose this year was "God's Mission and You", and we looked a bit at how we can live out a gospel ministry in our everyday situations; very challenging!

This year was a little different for me as I was not going as part of the TBT crowd, but rather "returning" after having moved away at the end of last year. I was wonderful seeing the old faces again and catching up, but in turn provided a challenge as I was tempted to rather spend time with old friends than make the effort of meeting new people and connecting with them on a meaningful level.

Despite all the great talks and the friends and even the beauty and peacefulness of the area, a highlight was simply to reflect on what happened almost 2000 years ago: the searing loss as perfection, who is Jesus, was sacrificed, but also the victory of His resurrection so that we can lift up our heads and our voices to praise His glory! And it was wonderful to reflect on that with a small group of brothers and sisters yesterday as we watched the sun rise over False Bay. Jesus did not shirk in the face of what had to be done and was triumphant in the end. In the same way, we shall triumph in Him if we remain faithful.

On a personal note, I just want to say that I am still in a very busy and very hectic time. I am busy moving into a new flat and will be going overseas next week for ten days. I hope that in the coming months things will start to settle down a bit and that I shall be able to devote more time to this website.

PS My apologies if this post seemed a little terse, but I am tired after the conference and have much to do in the coming week.