Top Five Posts of 2012

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As the year draws to a close, I want to reflect on some of the articles which I wrote this year, specifically the top five. I decided on these articles by the reactions which they generated. Not all of them were assessed by "numbers", such as the number of comments or Facebook likes. But some them were spoken about privately to me. My reader base remains small, but I sincerely appreciate every person who takes the time to read through what weighs on my heart. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

The top five posts for the year are:

5. The Problem with Christianity

Perhaps the two most common complaints against Christians are that they are arrogant and hypocritical. The complaint of arrogance comes from a post-modern cultures which does not believe in absolute truth. Christians recognise, however, that object truth does exist, that they have found it (or rather, it has found them) and submit themselves to it. So if that is the case, why are Christians so hypocritical? In this article I described the harsh reality that onlookers, and Christians, need to realise about the faith.

4. How Religion Does Not Work

There was a time when people of faith fought against the ideal of separation of state and religion. Nowadays, it seems like some people of faith are fighting an equally desperate fight to preserve the separation of state and religion. This is because secular governments are increasingly encroaching on religious liberties, one law at a time. Many people in the general public also ask why religions simply cannot "get with it". In this article I outlined why religions (in general) are the way they are.

3. Ordo Salutus

I was touched by several stories this year of how people had to deal with sin: their own and the people to whom they were reaching out. There seems to exist a tension between not judging other people, yet having to wrestle with the fact that they will one day be held accountable for their sins. Only a proper understanding of your own sins can lead you to deal with other people's sinfulness in a godly manner. And you must also remember how God worked in your own life, because that is how He will work in the lives of those around you. That is what this article is about.

2. Perspectives on the Trinity

The idea of the Trinity—which explains the relationship of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit—can seem like a perplexing concept to many people outside of Christianity, whether atheist, Muslim or Jew. But it is not illogical and not incomprehensible. In this article I hoped to explain some nuances about the Trinity without treating the subject exhaustively.

1. Reflections on (Western) Christian Singleness

This was a deeply reflectively article. It was easy to write, as I think the questions and thoughts inside myself needed to find an escape I could not entrust to just one particular person at that time. It turned out that it resonated with many people who also struggle with the question of a life of singleness in a culture of couples. I have had good discussions around this topic following the article and hope to continue doing so into the new year.

Wrapping Up

Again thank you to everyone who has taken time out during the year to read what I have written. I know my articles often are long, which shows a real commitment from you! In the new year I hope to continue writing faithfully what the Holy Spirit impresses upon me. I hope that it will be a growing experience both for me and for you. Soli Deo gloria!