A Week of Powerful Talks

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Over the past few days I had been privileged to be able to attend a few really good, powerful and challenging talks. It was like coming across a pleasant little oasis during a period of rough and demanding times.

The first was, of course, attending the two talks by Vijay Mennon on Thursday. He is 79 years old, but any person would be lucky to have half his energy at that age. More importantly, anyone would be blessed to have his conviction and enthusiasm! He is a very entertaining speaker and preaches the gospel passionately. There is certainly much to be learned from him; more than a couple of talks can contain.

Yesterday was also the Boland Men's Convention. It was the first time I attended the Men's Convention and it was a good experience. Throughout the day, Ludwig Alberts from Somerset West led us through Paul's letter to the Phillippians. The book is powerful and the talks were challenging. But rather than placing burdens on one, it showed how love and servitude should grow, not as something imposed, but from a desire which in turn results from a love for Yeshua Ha Mosiach.

The time to the next Men's Convention will be short, as next year it will be held in April. It is going to be a busy time of the year, as MYC will also be held around that time (during the Easter weekend), so I'm really looking forward to it!