Christianity Explained Course

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Wow, this year has just been crazy thus far. Between university and church, little is left other than exhaustion. At TBT, especially, we have a full program, as usual. And starting tomorrow a friend and I will be presenting a short course entitled Christianity Explained in the complex where we live.

The course aims to briefly explain the basics of the gospel: what the Bible tells us about Yeshua and how we should respond to that. It is one hour for four weeks.

I have never actually done something like this before, so I am hoping and praying that this will be a good opportunity, not only to reach people, but also to learn and grow myself. And even before the course has started, I have already benefited from it!

We decided to, along with printed invitations, to invite people from our neighbourhood personally, even though doing something like that is completely outside of my comfort zone. But as I started down my row of apartments, I was overwhelmed by the reaction. Most people were polite, some were apprehensive, some excited, but all—and this was the revelation—in need of the gospel! How easy is it for us to turn to a mission far away (abroad, even) when there are needs within our very communities and amongst our neighbours! Western society might very well be influencing us to become more secluded where we live, which is all the more reason for Christians to get their acts together and address the needs within their own communities!

A couple of people I came across were really glad to see us: it was so encouraging! These people are new in town and have not yet found a Christian community here. And to compound their isolation, they also originally came from other countries. But they were glad to see their brothers in Christ and, being welcomed into their homes, was something powerfully moving for me! I was reminded of the book of Acts: consider a passage such as Acts 15:30–34. I think we often neglect the significance of how the disciples encouraged each other. They travelled far, leaving their friends and family behind to go to a new province and city, almost another culture, but found camaraderie and joy in meeting their brothers there. Within minutes, we shared stories about God's grace in our lives; stories which most of my friends at church aren't even aware of. When meeting people from your own culture, there are lots of other things to talk about (politics, sport, whatever), but a meeting like this across cultures is something special: where a bond is formed over that one thing which unifies us, and that is being saved by God's grace!

Please pray for us as we lead this course over the next four weeks. Pray for continuing encouragement, and that those who attend the course because they want to learn more about Christianity will be challenged to seriously consider Yeshua as Ha Mosiach!