A Personal Update

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I am currently in Belgium. My work has sent me here to train up a team in my product area. The whole thing happened in a relatively short time and making the arrangements to get here on such short notice was quite stressful.

Shortly before I left for Belgium, my dad got sick, and shortly after I arrived here he passed away. My stay here has now been halved and I'll return to South Africa shortly. By God's grace I did have an opportunity to say goodbye to him before I left, as did other family members who normally would not have been near enough.

I have been overwhelmed by the support of family and friends and I thank God for all the messages and prayers I have received. Continued prayers for my family will be greatly appreciated.

Despite this situation, I have been warmly welcomed here by my colleagues and my visit to this country has been insightful. I shall share more about these experiences in time, after I am home and things have settled.