Personal Update, and the Future of Siyach

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A bride and groom
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This post will be a brief discussion of what the short (and long) term future has in store for me, and how that will affect this blog.

On the 8th of June, I am getting married. This big change has happened in a short amount of time, primarily throughout the whole of last year. It is also a big blessing from God, which has shifted my thinking, focus and priorities significantly. I am grateful to Him (and my bride-to-be), and believe that periods of significant change, and change of focus, is natural, and a part of life.

I am fully committed to continue writing articles on this site. It is true that I have not written and published as many as I intended to so far this year, but I am not ending efforts on this website. There is much more that needs to be said, and looking at the traffic which articles such as (especially) The Problem of Prayer and Did Christianity Cause the Dark Ages? have received, there are people who have questions into which, by God's grace, I can speak1.

For example, recently I have been think (as can be expected), the purpose and meaning of marriage, as well as raising children. It would be good to get some of these thoughts written down and shared. I am sure that once I have actually experienced these things first-hand (and not only written about them from a "theoretical" perspective), I'll have much more to say. I'll also remain open to writing upon request, such as the year in which I contributed to the Encompass blog (now apparently defunct) of the Scope Student Magazine.

That said, I fully anticipate that my contributions to this website to diminish somewhat as I have less time for myself. However, my wife-to-be has expressed interest in perhaps writing articles herself, and having her contribute and collaborate with me on these topics will be immensely special to me.

After the wedding, my wife will be working on finishing her master's degree, which will give me some time to write. However, I also want to be starting some other projects, for which I'll need to do quite a bit of reading and writing outside of this website. I hope to share details about this in the future.

Also, I am working (on the side, when I have time, which is not very much these days) on moving this website to a completely different platform. The current platform has served me well since day one, but it has not been without problems. At present I either would need to upgrade the existing platform (which would also require some effort), or I can migrate to a different platform which will be both easier to maintain, and make easier for me to publish articles. I have decided on the latter. But the initial technical setup is going to take quite a while still to complete, after which I begin migrating articles. In this process, I may decide to polish and update some of the existing articles, but I still need to make a final decision on this.

I am thankful to God for how He has shaped and used me over the years, and am excited to see that continue in the years to come! Soli Deo gloria!

  • 1. The traffic may not be apparent if only looking at comments which my articles receive, but looking at number of page visits in the back-end of the website tells a more complete picture.