An Utterly Unsatisfying Answer to the Problem of Evil

Sad woman
Read time: 12 minutes

The problem of evil is perhaps the most pernicious argument against theism. Specifically, the problem of natural evil1. The natural problem of evil asks: why do people (some being good, moral and pious) suffer because of natural disasters, diseases, birth defects, and/or other terrible things. In other words, why do people suffer if no human caused it?

In this article I am going to provide a possible answer to the problem of evil (in general, but as can be applied to both logical and natural evil). Read more about An Utterly Unsatisfying Answer to the Problem of Evil


Reflections on Christian Loneliness

Read time: 11 minutes

I previously wrote an article on Christian singleness. It highlighted a metaphorical elephant in the room—that while there is an expectation to be in a relationship and settle down, this does not happen for all Christians. Indeed, the expectation is not a biblical one, but rather societal. I was encouraged by how well the article was received. Today I want to touch on a related topic: that of Christian loneliness. Read more about Reflections on Christian Loneliness